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December 30, 2013

Dear NSA employee!

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Dear NSA employee, this is a humble reminder that your contribution in mass surveillance is unjust and wrong on so many levels. What your surveillance is doing is assume everyone is guilty unless proven otherwise, so it is upside down. I count on your integrity to reverse this system again and only keep someone under surveillance where there is reason for it. Not every human being is a suspect. Help restore freedom where we lost it.

Presumption of innocence

June 9, 2013

Internet Surveillance At Frightening Levels

Filed under: Politics, Surveillance — Chris Ey @ 3:47 pm

Working in IT for a great portion of my life I have seen stuff like this with my own eyes, and I completely concur with Edward Snowden.

All I can do is hope that our elected representatives have the balls to fight this kind surveillance.

Let people live their lives and respect their privacy!

This stuff is dangerous.

April 19, 2012

Netbeans: Go away!

Filed under: Java, Maven, Netbeans — Chris Ey @ 9:56 am

I start hating Netbeans: It constantly seems to get in my way.
For example, I want to debug the webapp. That causes netbeans to run all tests (via MVN). Those tests fail and that’s known, I just f*cking want to debug the app. Have not found a switch to convince Netbeans to set -DskipTests=true for debug mode.
Or: Why doesn’t netbeans automagically show the file I’m editing in the projects tab? I get sick pressing “ctrl-shift-1″ to do that.
Or: I have tons of open files all the time, why would you want to hide them randomly from the tabs and let me search them in the drop-down to the right? Eclipse and IntelliJ handle that one a lot better.
Netbeans: GO AWAY!
(and no I can’t switch or I lose project support which I don’t want to, no time for that)

March 8, 2012

ReviewBoard integration for IntelliJ 11

Filed under: IntelliJ, Java, Review Board — Chris Ey @ 9:57 am

I really like Review Board, a pre-commit review tool which helps keep coding quality high especially in distributed teams.

So far I used the command line tool “post-review”, which works perfectly in conjunction with Perforce. With Subversion or if you are using Windows, using post-review can really become a pain.

Fortunately, for IntelliJ, someone wrote a plugin which allows you to comfortably post reviews from within the IDE:

This plugin is not well known, and until today, it was only compatible with IntelliJ up to version 10.x. But now, thanks to main contributor Kane, you can also download the plugin for IntelliJ 11.

Thanks a lot, Kane! :)


September 22, 2011

Moving menu bar from one screen to the other in Mac OS X

Filed under: Mac OS X — Chris Ey @ 10:27 am

It’s embarrassing, but it took me almost 2 years to find a way to move Mac OS X’ menu bar from one screen to my second screen:

Simply go to

System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement

then in the displays, you see a little bar on top of the main display. Simply drag it from the main display to the display you want it to be and let go.


The most embarrassing of all: It’s written on top of this settings page. And I never read the instructions. Bummer! :)

Moving Mac OS X menu bar.

Moving Mac OS X menu bar.

March 18, 2011

Setting static properties with Spring

Filed under: Java, Spring — Chris Ey @ 10:58 am

Sometimes I need to set a static property with Spring, and each time the Google result seems a bit hard to comb through.

Partly probably because Spring guys think static property injection is evil, but sometimes it just makes sense!

So for my benefit (and yours too) here is a link to a pretty nice tutorial about this subject:

And if you don’t like the non-static setter to a static property (like me), here is the code to directly inject a static property for your applicationContext.xml:

    <bean class="org.springframework.beans.factory.config.MethodInvokingFactoryBean">
        <property name="staticMethod" value=""/>
        <property name="arguments">
                <ref bean="theProperty"/>

March 9, 2011

Ditching Cars for Bullet Trains – German press about the US transportation system

Filed under: Politics — Chris Ey @ 1:00 pm

President Barack Obama wants to upgrade America’s transport system using high-speed trains, bringing a taste of what is a part of everyday life in Europe and Asia to the United States. But the car-obsessed nation is divided over the plans. Is the mammoth project doomed to failure?

Read about how renowned German magazine “Der Spiegel” thinks about this topic:,1518,749631,00.html

February 3, 2011

Maven Quick Reference Card – a life saver!

Filed under: Java, Maven — Chris Ey @ 8:16 am

Not much to say – how come that after years of using Maven and after endless searching for maven related stuff I find a quick reference card which pretty much contains most solutions already:


January 5, 2011

Why Google Is Awesome

Filed under: Google Android, Silicon Valley — Chris Ey @ 11:28 am

Now you think I’m going to give tons of reasons why I think Google is great / awesome / cool.

But I’m going to give you only two! The first is Google Voice Search, where they manage to search Google & Google Maps with an Android cell phone:

And the second is a demo of Google Docs by Tu+, Namroc and Metcalf Anything:

It’s beautiful to still have some innovative companies and people around. :)

December 4, 2010

Unlikely allies: USA, Iran, France and Australia

Filed under: Politics — Chris Ey @ 7:47 pm

This is really astonishing:

What do you think unites the countries USA, Iran, France and Australia?

It’s the urge to criticize and fight WikiLeaks!

Let me congratulate those four countries for their newly found alliance in the fight against freedom of speech!

The full quote of Wikipedia, marking the most ridiculous claims bold:

Most of the governments and organizations whose files have been leaked by WikiLeaks have been critical of the organization.

  • Iran The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, joined in criticism of WikiLeaks following the November 2010 release of United States diplomatic cables. Ahmadinejad claimed that the release of cables purporting to show concern with Iran by Arab states was a planned leak by the United States to discredit his government, though he did not indicate whether he believed WikiLeaks was in collusion with the United States or was simply an unwitting facilitator.[142]
  • France France’s Industry Minister Eric Besson said in a letter to the CGIET technology agency, WikiLeaks “violates
    the secret of diplomatic relations and puts people protected by diplomatic secret in danger.” Therefore it would be ‘unacceptable’ that the site was hosted on servers based in France. The minister asked for measures to bar WikiLeaks from France.[143]
  • Australia On 2 December 2010 Prime Minister Julia Gillard made a statement that she ‘absolutely condemns’ Wikileaks’ actions and that the release of information on the site was ‘grossly irresponsible’ and ‘illegal.’[144] (Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is Australian and he responded two days later by accusing his prime minister of betraying him as an Australian citizen.)[145]
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